Property Management

What sets one property management firm apart from another is its commitment to communicating with tenants and ownership.

Retaining the right firm to manage your holdings can add significantly to the value of your assets. Garrett has a proven history of successful management with a variety of commercial properties.

Garrett’s Property Management Services include:

  • Rent Collection
  • Financial Reporting
  • Contract Supervision
  • Maintenance & Janitorial Services
  • Tenant Liaison
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Service
  • Construction Management

As your liaison, Garrett can serve as the direct, single source of contact between you and your tenants. Our firm has extensive experience keeping expenses low and occupancy rates high while maintaining the right client mix. In addition, Garrett’s ability to draw on its broad scope of Real Estate services—”all under one roof— ” can directly benefit your bottom line as a building owner.

For more information please contact:
John Figlioli
T: 773-880-1322, x111